Sharing the Bounty

Yesterday I decided to make myself a pumpkin cake after spending the morning feeding the critters and making myself into a human chew toy. 😆

I had all the ingredients except walnuts, but those are optional anyway. I used a recipe I have for banana cake and just substituted pumpkin puree instead of mashed bananas and it came out just perfect!

Once it cooled off I frosted it and was ready to dive in!

Just as I poured a fresh cup of coffee to go with it, the doorbell rang.

It was our neighbor to the south of us. They are both super nice folks and exactly the kind of people you want living next to you. The kind you don’t mind having interrupt your afternoon pumpkin cake and coffee indulgence!

He brought the pups some more leftovers from his recent elk hunt, which was awesome, and while we transferred it over to our little wagon we chatted for awhile. He told me he had just gotten over pneumonia (yikes!) and that they are going to be welcoming a new grandbaby this May (yay!).

He then apologized for taking so long to share the bounty of his hunt saying he’d meant to bring it over weeks earlier. I assured him there was no need to apologize for having pneumonia, for goodness sakes! 😅

Did I mention they are super nice?

Anyway, after he left, my son and I immediately set about cutting up the bounty and dividing it up as evenly as possible to share with the pack. We were in the driveway the entire time but somehow they knew and howled with anticipation the entire time.

They were more than ready to dig into some tasty elk!

That made for twelve happy huskies, believe me!

It also kept them busy for the next hour or so, which gave me time to go back in and get back to that cake and coffee!

Have I mentioned how much I love my neighbors? I think I’ll make another pumpkin cake and take it over to them…

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