Oh, Give Me a Barn…

Remember that old story about the country mouse and the city mouse? I can’t help but think that some of us are wired to be either one or the other. In my case, I am very much a country mouse!

If I was an actual country mouse, I’d want to live in a field of flowers like the one at the top of this post. Or, maybe in an old barn. I love old barns. They just make me happy and feel all homey and even though we don’t have one ourselves, luckily around here there are quite a few of them. Some of which I’ve already shared here.

Like this big old red barn (you will love the story that goes with it if you haven’t seen this post!):

It’s one of my favorites, mostly because of what’s on the inside.

Another favorite is a big red barn out by where we camp and run the pups. It’s used as an event center.

Another favorite is on our way out to the Bird Man’s house (that’s his nickname). He’s the guy we buy our quail and pheasant and turkeys from.

Actually there are two I love that are on the way to his place.

There are more but I haven’t found the photos I’ve taken of them yet. I know they’re here but they are buried in with the thousands of other pictures I still have to sort through.

Of course there’s the famous Mormon barn up by the Tetons, too…

And there’s the one on the webcam in Teton Valley, just up the road a ways…

Speaking of that, I need to get some coffee and go watch the local cams to see the sunrise and hopefully spot some more wildlife this morning!

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!!

4 thoughts on “Oh, Give Me a Barn…

  1. Although I love your posts and often wish I could join you on your mushing trips or when you go shopping for antiques, I am most definitely a town mouse and start to mope if I’m too far from one.
    I love those barns and your photos of them are really great.

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