Baby Steps!

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to watch a nice little moose walking across the golf course in front of the Tetons when I woke up to watch the sunrise on the local cams. I think he was young and it was funny to watch him carefully make his way across the screen in the deep snow.

Usually I see a buck or two or some early mountain cross country skiers but this was the first time I’d seen a moose so that was a nice way to start the day!

This morning was also a milestone moment for the husky babies. They are big enough to learn how to work the doggie door so to encourage them I started feeding them in the outside kennel.

It’s always fun to go through this with each litter and it’s important for their progress because we like them to be potty trained and comfortable using a dog door before we adopt them out.

As you can see, this particular doggie door has been well used and there’s only one plastic flap left, which is actually good because trying to get through two when you’re little can be harrrd! 😆

After a few frustrated attempts, they finally started to get the hang of it. Of course that first step is always the scariest one…

Sometimes it’s hard to watch them struggle but it’s part of the process….

Eventually one by one they all made it out. 😊

Mom gave a bit of encouragement and seeing their litter mates gulping down breakfast without them also gave a bit of motivation to the last ones.

Now they’ll be allowed to play in the little outside kennel for a week or so while they learn to explore in a secure area and then we’ll let them into the bigger play yard which is always so fun for them.

After that, they’ll get to meet the other members of the pack one at a time, starting with their dad, so they can learn how to socialize with the big pups!

They are all so good with the little guys and love it when they get big enough to play with them but Draco especially loves his kids and they really love him back.

Have I mentioned how much I love my dogs? 🥰

7 thoughts on “Baby Steps!

  1. Their facial markings make them look like they’re scowling, but I know they’re not. They’re also very cute. We’re going through the same thing with our 9-week old puppy. She’s not quite strong enough to push the door open, but at least she understands the concept.

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