Sunday Spillover: Starlings, Swans & Summer Adventures

I almost forgot! I had a few photos I uploaded and didn’t use this week so instead of a Saturday Spillover post, I’m making this one a Sunday Spillover. πŸ™‚

I got a few shots of the starlings last week that *almost* made me kind of like them. They’re not bad looking birds, really, but they are aggressive and destructive and we’ve had to cut far too many of them down from the poultry netting to endear them to me

Speaking of birds, I haven’t seen the swans at sunset for awhile, but I did happen to tune into one of the local live cams just in time to see them fly by one evening this week. So that was nice.

I also spotted a couple of horses at the Spotted Horse ranch cam down by the river.

I’d love to go stay there for a couple of days, but with all these sled doggies it’s hard for us to leave for two minutes let alone two days! πŸ˜†

Not that I mind, I prefer to go where we can take them with us anyway. And right now with all these babies, we aren’t going far these days.

They are just too precious and boy, do they sure grow fast! Before we know it they’ll be big enough for their new homes and soon after that spring will arrive followed by summer and more adventures…

Speaking of adventures, we are heading up the mountain this afternoon to do some mushing.

Hope you have a happy Sunday! πŸ™‚

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