A Most Beautiful New Year’s Day

I hope you are having a lovely New Year’s Day wherever you are! If you didn’t step outside or look closely at the thermometer here, you’d think that today was a perfect first day of the year in the Greater Yellowstone area. It is breathtakingly beautiful out there right now!

It’s also breathtakingly coooold! 🥶

We had an overnight windchill of -35 last night, and it’s supposed to stay in the single or negative digits for a couple more days before bouncing back up into more tolerable and less potentially deadly temperatures.

Of course the extreme cold doesn’t stop the skiers from having fun up at Grand Targhee…

But it does keep us from getting out there and mushing since we’d rather not put our lives or the pups lives at risk when warmer days are just around the corner. So instead we are spending the day inside with a warm bowl of soup, watching the birds out the window and being thankful for central heating.

The little sparrows are happy to keep us company.

Unlike them, we’re kind of trapped inside until we break out the shovels and plow later this afternoon. We don’t mind, though. The view is quite nice.

There’s definitely no soup alfresco for us today…

Just getting to the coop to feed the birds this morning was quite the adventure!

It’s supposed to snow again in a few days so before then we’ll have no choice but to make room for more of the white stuff. 🙂

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