My Happy Place

It’s not that I’m already longing for summer to return or anything, because we’ve barely just entered into official winter and we have a lot of fun, wintery stuff planned, but…


You know…

I have to admit, it’s pretty darned nice here during the warm months.

We try to make it up through the National parks (Yellowstone & Grand Teton) at least once a year, preferably two or three times, because each season is magical in its own way and you can never see them in person enough.

Since they are so close we sometimes find ourselves visiting without planning to, which is fun, too! It’s nice to be able to do daytrips up there and come back to sleep in our own bed, but sometimes we like to play tourist and stay in hotels overnight in places like Jackson or Cody or West Yellowstone.

Even if we don’t make it all the way up through the parks, we really enjoy the wilderness just outside of them and we seem to have a knack for going during the times when there aren’t many people around.

Which makes it feel like we have the whole place all to ourselves!

Just us and the birds…

Not that we don’t like other humans or anything, but there’s something magical about being out in nature all alone, as if you are the only ones alive.

Then again, it’s nice to run across other humans sometimes, too. Even if they don’t know we’re there.

It’s comforting to know that my happy place is their happy place, too. 😊

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