Gunther und die Gänse (Gunther and the Geese)

We love road tripping in winter, especially in our little sports car we’ve affectionally named Gunther. He’s German, which means he was made for these curvy mountain roads, and as long as they are relatively free from ice and snow, he loves to take us over the mountain to see what we can find.

We always find beautiful, scenic views in every direction…

Sometimes we find buffalo that are just about as big as Gunther, so we slow down just in case

Sometimes in early winter we’ll see the elk at the refuge, but not always. That’s okay, though, because there’s statues of them everywhere.

Luckily the bears are asleep this time of year, but we still spot a few while we are out…

We always see the Tetons; it’s kind of hard to miss them sticking up out of the snow all jagged and proud.

We always see places we wish we could afford, too…

But we’re happy to live in the “cheap seats” where we can drive over anytime.

We usually go back home feeling recharged and ready to load up the pups in the truck with the sled to take them back over the mountain next time since they enjoy it just as much as we do.

Maybe more!

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