This morning started out normally with me heading out to feed and water and collect eggs, but then I spotted them.

First, it was our little falcon (aka sparrow hawk) up in the quaking aspen watching over his domain. I could tell it was him by his spotted chest, even though his little cute head was turned away…

I went about my work, throwing feed and letting the ducks and chickens out into their run and when I looked again, the hawk was gone and in its place was a woodpecker, again with spots…

It took me a minute to realize that’s what it was. They have similar spots but the red tail gave it away.

Then I began to notice a pattern with the spotting, or should I say bird camouflage. The quail have it and the pheasant definitely have it…

I spent way too much time bird watching before I spotted the outside pups growing impatient for me to hurry up and let them in…

They weren’t very happy I was taking so long so to make up for it I gave them extra eggs…

After they were done with those, they came in and found a comfy spot.

Some more comfy than others… 😏

5 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. Pheasants are such beautiful birds and those spotted feathers make for beautiful trout, bass, and salmon flies. The roosters make for a fine meal as well. My mother makes the best creamed pheasant … and without a recipe. She’s THAT kind of cook!

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