Christmas Blessings

Juno had her puppies yesterday, much to our relief since she was due almost a week ago! We had an appointment with the vet scheduled today just in case, but we ended up moving it back until tomorrow so we can do the well baby check up and have their dew claws removed.

One has a squiggly line on her forehead and is just so dang cute!

So that’s two healthy litters for our Christmas blessing this year.

Both will be ready to rehome right around the time of the local dog sled races, which is another blessing. It’s important to us to find the right families who understand and appreciate this breed and the races are a great place for that.

It’s also a good place for us to talk about ethical mushing and encourage others to support those mushers who put their dog’s health and happiness over winning.

Right now they’re all inside all toasty warm but by then they will be acclimated to both indoor and outdoor living, as we do with all our husky puppies.

We heard from one gentleman up in Montana who adopted two of our pups a couple years ago and he had a funny story to tell.

He has twenty acres and they are allowed to run freely off leash on his property and one day, in early fall, they didn’t come back. 😮

So naturally he was as worried that something terrible had happened!

It turns out both pups had been spotted along the shore of the river by some out of town folks who were out rafting for the day. They thought these two pups were lost so they took them on their raft and his dogs spent the day being spoiled and having an adventure on the river raft until they got to shore down stream that evening and tracked him down by their tags with his phone number on them.

He said he might have to rename them Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer now. 😆

These dogs are so great, but they do like to run (and run and run) which is why we don’t let our off leash except when they are safely in their pens.

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