Welcome, Snow

As mushers, the snow is always a welcome sight for us but it doesn’t necessarily mean we can get right out there and play in it.

Try explaining that to these pups, though!

First there are chores to be done. There are birds to feed…

And snow to shovel…

And eggs to collect…

And then we have to check the forecast because we can’t judge what’s going on up the mountain by the weather down here in the valley.

Just because there’s blue sky and the perfect amount of snow for sledding down here, doesn’t mean it isn’t a treacherous nightmare up there and that’s no fun for us or the pups. Well, not as much fun…

It’s still pretty fun. 😆

We always check for winter storm warnings in every direction now, though, that way we aren’t risking our lives up there.

I mean, it’s not like we’re training for the Iditarod or anything!

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