In Sync

Last night the hubs and I spent a quiet evening alone, listening to old Christmas songs in the glow of the tree while watching the snow fall.

Not here, since we didn’t get any on our side of the Tetons (darn it!) but there was a quite a bit falling over in Jackson Hole.

So we sat and watched while the town square turned white on the live camera as we cuddled on the couch just enjoying the peacefulness of the moment.

That’s the beauty of having an empty nest. We can cuddle on the couch for hours without any interruptions.

None, whatsoever.


Okay, that’s not really true…

There’s always someone who wants something sooner or later. πŸ˜†

This is our 33rd Christmas together and after all these years we tend to do things in sync. We sipped our coffee at the same time and we both noticed the moon at the same time as it rose and shone brightly in the window.

We also both noticed the one bulb that was out on the Christmas tree at the same time, which he promptly fixed.

When “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” came on, we both looked at each other and smiled without saying a word before getting up to slow dance to it, like we do every year.

At least these days we’re not embarrassing anyone when we’re doing it.

The pups did watch us with a confused look on their faces, probably wondering why we were up moving around so much without getting them a treat!

We finished up the evening by wrapping a few gifts for the kids and the pups and then fell asleep watching The Christmas Candle.

This morning I asked him which part he fell asleep at and it was the same time I did.

It’s one of our favorite Christmas movies. It’s the kind of quaint village we both feel nostalgic for even though we are products of the modern age.

Sometimes I think we were both born in the wrong era but I’m sure glad we found one another when we did. ❀

9 thoughts on “In Sync

  1. Hi dear “TheEmptyNestHomesteader”, I like reading your blog a lot. So, I’ve decided to share with you one of my favorites, an old movie, shown on Youtube. Hope you and your hobby will enjoy it as we do here. Don’t be scared of some German at the beginning, English starts shortly after minute 3.

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