I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

I know I said I was done posting pictures of the trumpeter swans, but I just can’t help myself! They flew over this morning on their way to who knows where and I got my best shots yet of them in flight.

It helped that the sky was bright blue and they flew almost entirely over the house today, so my zoom was able to really pick up their details.

Yesterday the skies were gray and bleak and moody when they flew past, which is fine when it’s accompanied by snow, but there was no snow.

Personally, I prefer my non-snow days to have blue skies, but that’s just me! 😆

It made for a nice backdrop to get a few pictures of the other birds including the collared doves who like to sit up on the tippy tops of the pine trees and watch over the neighborhood.

I also spotted our little resident hawk keeping watch over the poultry pens.

The chickens and ducks and pheasant seemed oblivious to him and just went about their business of eating and preening themselves.

The little house sparrows were nowhere to be found. They weren’t even hiding in the viburnum but they did come back later to drain the food from the feeder.

The gray, gloomy day did end on a bright note, however. We were able to get some more of the Christmas decorations put together and set up outside.

We still have a few more things to add but it’s coming along.

I’m hoping we get some fresh snow and some bright, sunny, blue skies in time for Christmas!

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