Swan Song

I know I seem a bit obsessed lately and I promise this is the last post about these gorgeous trumpeter swans that keep flying over my place!

Maybe. 😄

They were there again last night, dozens and dozens of them, and with the sunset as the backdrop for their migration north it was just stunningly beautiful.

Like a scene from a movie.

Seriously, if I had a better camera I could have made my own mini-documentary with the footage!

If this keeps up, I may just splurge on a better camera.

I mean, it IS Christmas after all… 🎅

11 thoughts on “Swan Song

    1. Oh, I love the sand hill cranes! I remember when we first moved to Wyoming and I saw some I thought someone was raising funny colored emus or something lol. I had no idea they even existed until that moment and I’ve been in love with them since. Folks hunt them around here, but I could never…

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