Southern Exposure

Since we moved things around to set up the Christmas tree in the bay window upstairs, my little sitting area where I like to have coffee and bird watch with the pups has been shifted over to the southern side of the house.

At first I wasn’t so sure I’d like it because I can’t see my little house sparrows at the window feeder or watch the sunrise, but this new perspective is growing on me!

I don’t spend a lot of time at this particular window unless I’m checking on the chickens or looking to see if a stray dog is in the yard (again!), but now that it’s my figurative window to the world I am seeing things I never really appreciated before.

Like the beauty of the outer edges of sunrise on the foothills of the Tetons in the distance.

With less to block the view of the sky, I have a much better chance at getting pictures of things like flocks of geese and swans flying by this window…

And in the evening I can watch the outer edges of the sunset over the chicken coop…

The downside is being on the second floor I can also see down into my closest neighbor’s back yard so I try not to appear like a nosy Nellie if I see them out.

I especially don’t want them to see me up there with my camera and risk them thinking I’m some kind of weirdo!

Hopefully if they do see me up there, they know me well enough to know I’m just taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets and birds and stray dogs. 😄

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