The Road Ahead

I’ve definitely become adjusted to the fact that winter is nearly upon us and I feel adequately prepared both mentally and physically (or as much as I can be).

I’m actually looking forward to the road ahead.

It helps that I can look back over my shoulder to the days when we were so busy outside during the warmer months, creating memories I can draw upon.

Memories of beautiful flowers…

and vegetable gardens…

and hikes in the woods…

All of these help me get through and I can look forward to all these things again next year while I hunker down and plow through the coming dark winter.

Literally. There will undoubtedly be plenty of snow to plow soon enough.

It’s not as if I’ll be trapped indoors until spring, because I go out every day to deal with the critters and we do get out with the pups to go sledding, but not every single day.

I WISH we could do this every day…

It’s funny how once the snow comes and we are out mushing a lot I wish winter would never end and almost dread spring’s arrival. 😆

Then I’ll spend the warmer months looking back at all the fun we had and look forward to the end of summer once again!

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