To say that it’s a challenge to have a relatively small house filled with spoiled sled dogs during Christmas is an understatement! 😄

Granted, there’s always someone who wants to “help”…

We can’t let them all in at once this time of year, that would be asking for disaster. And we’ve done a pretty good job of teaching them all to leave the tree alone when they do come in, but sometimes they just can’t help it.

Some things on the tree just look like doggie toys to them! Like my jingle ball ornaments I finished putting together last night.

For some reason, every dog who has come inside has made a beeline for them and got scolded. I think they remind them of the rubber ball toys we stuff with peanut butter. 😂

Since we put the tree up in the bay window, which is where we normally do our bird watching, I haven’t been able to see my cute little sparrows as much the last few days. I miss them!

I know they’re still there because I can hear them going in and out of the feeder, but I still miss seeing them. They are just SO DANG CUTE.

So do the pups, who love to watch them, too. I moved the chairs and houseplant into the dining area, which allows us to sit at that window and do our bird watching from a different angle.

We can’t see the feeder but we can see the poultry pens and watch the little sparrows fly by on their way from the viburnum to the pens where they gobble up their fair share of feed we throw for the chickens, ducks and pheasant.

The ducks and pheasant don’t seem to mind sharing, but the chickens get a little testy about it.

Speaking of the chickens, it’s been soooo quiet in the early mornings here since we rearranged their living arrangements!

The roosters both go into the sound proof coop overnight with half of the girls, while the rest of the hens are busy in the other coop laying eggs for us since we turned their winter egg laying light on.

The boys seem to get along well, which is a good thing because we can’t find a home for Barney yet. The one we thought we found fell through, so he’s just going to stay here for now.

They are so funny. Every day they do this ping-pong crowing thing.

Sometimes for hours. But at least it’s at a decent hour now and not in the dead of night when I’m sound asleep!

Now the only reason I wake up at 4 am is because Juno has a belly full of babies pushing on her bladder. 😄

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