Fully Functioning

Well, it looks like the snow is here to stay, at least up on the mountains. The local ski lodges are all up and running from the looks of things.

The new parlor stove was a huge hit with everyone at Thanksgiving and while it will be a while before we can have it properly installed, we were able to replicate what a warm, glowing fire will look like in it by using the Halloween fire light bulbs I had up in the porch lights. 😄

I can’t wait now to have it fully functional! It will feel so good to warm my cold hands and feet by an actual wood fire.


We will need to build a hearth for it before having a professional come in to do the chimney. We want the hearth to look antique-y so I think we’re going to make it using fireproof tin wall tiles attached to fireproof backboard.

Something like this…

We’re still working out the details but it will be fun putting it together. When we tried to find a tutorial on how to build one there weren’t really any out there, so maybe we’ll do one ourselves for the next person who is looking.

In the meantime, I am putting all the fall decor away so I can put up the Christmas stuff this weekend. I love decorating for Christmas but it really takes a lot out of me so I have to pace myself. Too bad I’m not fully functioning and may need a few days to recover from Thanksgiving!


Of course the hubs has the harder work of hanging lights and we’d both rather be spending the weekend doing this now that there’s snow up the road…

I mean, I can definitely recover while reclined in the sled and besides, the Christmas stuff isn’t going anywhere, right? 😄

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