Something in the Air

I am not sure why exactly, but we’ve been having the most amazingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets the last few days! Usually it’s because there are fires in the area but there haven’t been any that I’m aware of.

Maybe the universe is feeling extra artistic lately or something? Either way, I’m not complaining! The entire sky has been like this every evening…

I can’t imagine what it’s like from up there, in an airplane…

All I know is from down here it looks heavenly.

Speaking of something in the air, we had another husky visitor in the back field yesterday. 😆

She belongs to the same neighbor whose black and white husky came visiting a few weeks ago when the next door neighbor had his deer hanging. This one came over to watch our chickens and just hang out near the pack I think.

When my hubby went out there to lead her back home she rolled over for belly rubs and then got right up and followed him to her house like a good girl.

Unlike ours, who run for miles as though it’s a game of tag! I guess that’s what we get for running them all the time. When they get out of the yard they’ve been conditioned to GO GO GO! 😏

Silly pups.

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