A Lesson in Gratitude

“This is a wonderful day I have never seen this one before.”

Maya Angelou

I’ve been having a difficult few days, mostly thanks to my dysfunctional mast cells which keep me trapped at home but also because of everything going on in the world.

It’s easy to fall into a depression and worse, a spirit of feeling ungrateful if I allow myself to go there, so I have to actively fight against the urge. That means stepping away from all the negativity and just bathing in the blessings surrounding me here in my little corner of the world.

And I do have so many blessings!

I have a loving family, I live in one of the best places in the world (to me, at least) and I still have days where I feel good enough that I can somewhat pretend I have good health, so there’s that. 😆

I’m grateful that there is snow up the road so we can plan on going mushing soon.

I woke up a couple mornings ago and checked the local web cams to see how much snow there is and I was just in time to watch the most beautiful sunrise over the elk refuge…

And also clicked over just in time to see a big buck crossing the golf course in Jackson…

He was only on the screen for less than five seconds as he hurried into the woods, but the universe allowed me to log on just in time to see him, for which I was so grateful.

This morning I woke up to find the little birds were at the window, peeking in, anxiously waiting for me to wake up and fill their feeder.

There were some red house finches and chickadees mixed in with the sparrows today and they were surprisingly friendly and didn’t mind me sitting next to the open window taking pictures of them waiting for their turn to eat.

They are just so dang cute!

I feel like it won’t be long before they come and eat out of my hand!

That would be amazing.

Even if they don’t, I’m grateful today for their company.

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