A Stealthy Solution

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, just in time to see the most beautiful sunrise. We used to be able to see the tops of the Grand Tetons at sunrise from our upstairs window but since we moved here a church has been built and the neighbor’s trees have grown tall enough to block the view.

That’s okay, I know they’re there and just knowing they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon makes me happy enough.

As I sat there watching the beautiful mix of pinks and purples and yellows gradually come and go as the sun emerged, I remembered that I’d set up the little camera in the one small window next to the viburnum to see if I could catch the house sparrows at the make-shift feeder I put in the empty window flower planter.

I tried to hide behind the blinds with the good camera a few times but they somehow saw me every single time and stayed away, so I resorted to using the stealthier method of putting the little web camera there instead.

And it worked!

The little camera I use has an app which lets me log on from my phone and I can turn the sound on, which I forgot to do, but I did get some video of them as well as some great screenshots.

For now I’m using an empty plastic egg holder to put the seed in but once the new coconut liners I ordered arrive I’ll probably just put it directly in those.

I won’t be refilling the bird feeders in the maple trees until we find a better place for them since we don’t want the flower beds under those trees filled with bird seed seedlings again next year.

The area under the window, though, is perfect for growing those seeds so this works and it gives me an even more up close view of my little house sparrows that I love so much. Hopefully soon they’ll get used to my presence in the window and come visit with the blinds open so I can see them without the camera. 🙂

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