Sleep, Interrupted

Okay, this is getting ridiculous now. I got to bed at a decent hour after stumbling through the rest of my day yesterday but I was rudely awakened at 3:30 am AGAIN!

What the?!

It wasn’t the roosters crowing this time. I’d taken my Benadryl before bed so it wasn’t a histamine rush which usually strikes around 2 or 3 in the morning. I’m not having hot flashes (yet). I wasn’t having a bad dream. The hubs wasn’t snoring loudly. The pups were sound asleep. My bladder wasn’t to blame (although it was happy about me waking up that early).

Then I heard it.

The wind.

It was blowing steady, making the house creak and the banging things outside bang.


I looked outside to see if I could see if it had blown anything important out of the yard and donated it to the neighbors or if it had brought anything important from the neighbors yards into ours, but all I could really see was the almost full moon hidden behind the clouds and the Christmas lights on a few houses down.

I tried going back to sleep but couldn’t and I didn’t want to just lay there debating if I, too, should start decorating for Christmas (even though we always wait until the day after Thanksgiving). So I quietly crept out of bed and made my way as quietly as possible to the kitchen to take a dose of my regular, daytime medicine in hopes of keeping my mast cells calm. The last thing I needed was for them to wake up and for me to start sneezing and coughing and itching at 4am.

The problem is, I have to compound my medicines every time I take them which is a bit of a pain (to say the least).

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful there are medicines that actually work to keep my immune system in check, but it’s not fun not being able to just take a pill like a normal person. No, instead I have to use pure, powdered forms of each mast cell stabilizer and mix them by hand and then mix that into pure maple syrup which I then have to force myself to drink down quickly like a shot of bad tequila.


There’s no real way to do it without making noise and the sound of the wind wasn’t loud enough to mask my clinking of the bottles around.

So of course before long, the pups woke up and wanted to know if I was sharing whatever it was they thought I was cooking up.

And not long after that the hubs woke up and came looking for me, worried I’d been carried off by the wind or something.

So to make it up to him I made him some pumpkin pancakes before he left for work.

It’s still blowing out there as I type this, and probably will be all day long.


I really need to sleep but there’s no way that’s happening with that infernal howling going on out there and I don’t mean the pups! That’s one good thing about the wind, I suppose. It makes it hard to hear the roosters crow and the pups howl, but I’d much rather hear those than this…

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