Winter Weatherization Time

There are some chilly overnight temps coming our way and while there’s no snow in the immediate forecast we’re spending the weekend preparing for its eventual arrival. There’s nothing worse than scrambling to get everything ready for the harsh winter weather as its bearing down on you!

First on the list was the dry land mushing buggy which has now been converted to a snowplow until spring…

Next was plugging in the heated water bowls for everyone…

Fred was both terrified of and fascinated by the plug. 😆

Tomorrow we will work on winterizing the RV with antifreeze, putting away the garden hoses, blowing the air out of and turning off the sprinkler system and making sure the frost free spigots are all in good working order on the outside of the house.

The pups are pretty easy to winterize. Their coats grew in nice and thick starting in October….

It’s always nice when that happens because the shedding is reduced by about 80% which gives me and the vacuum a nice break until spring!

Of course I have to keep the indoor temperature at around 65 degrees or they’ll start to blow their coats again if they spend too much time inside. And there’s no way I can make them stay out all winter. I mean, look at that face…

Could you say no to that??

Of course not. 🙂

On top of just general prepping for winter I’m also looking at ways to be prepared just in case the power goes out, and I found this neat video showing how to make room heaters with tea light candles and clay pots:

We have the generator on the RV and there have been times when the power was out long enough here that we fired it up and went out there for shelter, but having these as a back up should help.

If they work, that is.

Looking at the size of the room this guy is using them in I have my doubts but I’ll take his word for it lol. We do have vaulted ceilings (not THAT vaulted) so maybe if I used them in one of the smaller rooms without so much space to heat it would work for us. I ordered some 4″ clay pots so I’ll test this out when they get here.

Then again, we already have room heaters that we can use in case of an emergency…

Twelve of them, in fact!

At night we have to open the bedroom window or we get roasted to death with just three or four of them sleeping inside with us, so I don’t think we’ll have to worry too much about freezing to death if the power goes out. 🙂

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