Foggy Morning

It was cold and foggy when I woke up and headed out to do my chores. I love these crispy, crunchy, fall mornings!

It helped that I got a good night’s sleep. We started locking Fred and the girls up in the main coop overnight and it seems to have helped to keep him from crowing as much in the wee hours. And if he does crow, the sound is muffled so I don’t hear it. Which means the neighbors don’t hear it, either.

Of course that means I have to get right up and go let them out into their tunnel and pasture.

I don’t mind, though. I love to get right up and head outside this time of year.

It must be my Swedish blood or something but going from the warm indoors out into the cold outdoors is very medicinal and helps to calm the head to toe inflammation I wake up with. Sometimes I’ll take a warm bath and then a cold shower afterward to get the same effect and it’s very effective!

By the time I’m done out there the coffee is ready and I can sit at the window with the pups and watch the birds at the feeder.

While we were doing that this morning I checked the local webcams and found it has snowed up the road (yay!) and also found a camera pointed at the sled dogs over at the Heart Six Ranch…

It’s hard to see them, but each of those squares is a dog house and there is a dog chained to each one. 😦

While I understand why they do that, I still don’t like it. Our pups have never been chained and never will be but of course we only have twelve where they have a lot more to deal with.

And of course our outside pups still feel terribly abused if I don’t let them out of their pens fast enough to trade them out with the inside pups every morning….

Poor babies! 😂

2 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

    1. The hot/cold thing really helps stop my inflammatory reactions I get with the mastocytosis. I always feel better when I go outside first thing in the morning even before my medicine kicks in.

      We have buff orpingtons and a few silver laced wyandottes right now. I just love the buffs, they are so dang sweet! 🙂

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