Break of Day

I’ve probably mentioned at least once or twice (a week) that we live within a short distance of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. I’m not bragging, well, maybe a little, but it’s pretty much the most beautiful place on planet earth. If you like mountains, waterfalls and super volcanoes, that is.

I call it our “backyard” because it’s where we spend a lot of time mushing, camping, hiking and road tripping, when we’re not busy gardening and vacuuming up husky fur that is.

Since we live in the “cheap seats” down by the foothills and since we can’t be up there all the time, like I wish we could, I spend a few minutes almost every day checking our local webcams just to see what’s going on up the road.

It’s fun to watch the tourists posing at the antler arches…

And the Jackson Hole rodeo…

And the skiers at Grand Targhee…

And the elk at the elk refuge…

Except this time of year there aren’t as many tourists, the elk aren’t down in the refuge yet, the rodeo season is over and there’s not enough snow for skiers yet. 😄

Still, that doesn’t stop me because there’s plenty of reasons to log on and check the cameras without all that. A lot of times I just like to click on them when I wake up so I can watch the sunrise in real time and then again at bedtime to see what the sunset looks like. Of course seeing both in person is much better, but it’s still awe-inspiring to see them live on the webcams.

Here’s a few screen shots of this morning’s sunrise I watched while lying in bed with the pups, sipping on coffee, listening to Fred crow out my window.

One of these days when we go mushing I will try to take a video of us at daybreak or at sunset and upload it. I was hoping we’d get the northern lights down here so we could mush under those, but it didn’t happen for us (dang it).

I told the hubs someday we need to drive up to Alaska so we can mush the team under the northern lights. Like this:

He’s not so sure about that lol. The cost of gas alone would be astronomical!

Either way, I’m happy to settle for sledding under the beauty of the break of day lighting, though. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Break of Day

  1. I flew over the northern lights in a dream once. It was the most amazing dream I’ve ever had. Isn’t it awesome that in dreams you don’t need machines in order to fly. :). How nice to live in such an awe inspiring place, thanks for sharing it with us!

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      1. A castle, yes! When I used to travel I was obsessed with them. Visited probably 3 dozen of them through Europe. So absolutely fascinating, I especially loved the ruins that were half fallen and covered in moss and ivy. 🙂

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    1. I still don’t quite know how we ended up here, but somehow the universe decided this was where we belong so I’m pretty thankful. I’m so glad you get to come visit so often! I always tell people they need to see it at least once in their lives. It’s incredible.


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