Now We’re Cookin’! Pumpkin Spice Muffins (with walnuts)

I have a lot of fresh pumpkin puree I made from our recent sugar pumpkin harvest so naturally I’ve been busy making different recipes that use pumpkin in them. My latest, these delicious pumpkin spice muffins, came out so good I had to share!

I modified a recipe by Libby’s which you can find here. I’ll add the recipe cards with my modifications in this post just in case you want to try it yourself but I’m sure theirs is perfectly yummy, too. It’s just that I have personal preferences and special dietary needs thanks to my wonky mast cells which demands I substitute some things for others, so that’s what I did.

And they came out magnificent!

It’s a pretty simple recipe, and only took about 40 minutes total (not including the time it took to grow the pumpkins and make the pumpkin puree).

Here’s the modified version, which I added to my recipe book because it is definitely a keeper.

My son loves to cook with me so he gave me a hand and suggested we add the crushed walnuts on top, which was brilliant and made them even better!

He’s the one who bought me these giant muffin pans so I’ve been wanting to make him something good with them in return and we both agreed that this was a great first recipe to try out with them.

The recipe calls for baking them for 25-30 minutes and they were done to perfection at exactly 25 minutes. Then it was time for cool down.

Of course we had a couple of cheerleaders and wannabe taste testers on the sidelines, as usual.

It was hard to get a good picture of them because they were bouncing up and down with anticipation and let me just say that a) I am sooo thankful we got gates for the kitchen doorways to keep them out and b) none of us were disappointed when it was all over.

There were plenty to go around so I did break one up to share with the inside pups on the condition that they didn’t run outside and brag to the outdoor pups about it.

I mean, I’m generous but not that generous! 😄

Next I am going to try this pumpkin egg bread recipe from A Jeanne in the Kitchen!

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