As the Windmill Turns…

There’s always some sort of drama happening here at the little homestead. Sometimes it’s funny, like when I scared the flock with the white jack-o-lantern meant as a treat for them…

At first Fred wouldn’t let anyone near it until he gave it a few roundhouse kicks to make sure it wasn’t going to try to murder his girls. Once he was sure it was okay, they proceeded to murder it instead.

Then there’s the drama going on every time we put new straw down and the girls fight over who gets to scratch in it…

The mean Wyandottes always call dibs on it first and won’t let the sweet little buffs anywhere near it until they’ve done a thorough job of pecking all the good stuff out first. They even chase Fred off, which is pretty funny because he thinks he’s so tough until the Wyandottes put him in his place.

Then there was the drama created by the neighbors who hung their deer just above the fence line where the pups could both see and smell it…

The other neighbor’s husky also caught wind of it and escaped his yard to come stare at it longingly, much the same way he stares at our girls when they’re in heat…

At least I’m not the only one who has a husky escapee once in awhile, though! 😆

Then there’s the ongoing egg saga. The girls STILL are not laying eggs because someone (me!) forgot to plug their light back in (oops!)…

It’s all plugged in now, so we’ll see how quickly the egg factory starts back up.

In the meantime, I did get some eggs from a seller a few blocks over and will be working on those pumpkin muffins this afternoon.


It’s always better to watch the drama unfold around here with a cup of coffee and some freshly baked something or other. 🙂

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