Toil and Trouble

We have been busy with the Halloween decorating off and on during the last two days and are nearly done now. It’s much better already!

We moved the graveyard further out and added to it..

We went shopping yesterday to see if there were any good decorations left but the shelves were already full of Christmas stuff, which was really quite annoying. We did find a few things, though, like some bags of bones and these great “BEWARE!” signs.

We added a lot more spider webbing and some accent lighting I ordered (which I’ll share in a new video of the whole thing later).

And I added a few other little things here and there and everywhere…

We’ll be working on it some more this afternoon and evening in preparation for trick-or-treaters tomorrow night (since Halloween falls on a Sunday and that’s off limits to the local Mormon community). We’ll have our porch lights on and candy ready both nights, one for the LDS folks and the other for the heathens hehe.

Stay tuned…

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