Rainy Day Fun

Well the weather forecast was half right. We did get some rain finally yesterday but not the torrential downpour with hurricane-force winds they predicted.

We probably could have left most of the Halloween stuff out but that’s okay, tomorrow is supposed to be dry and sunny so we’ll put it all back out along with a few more things I have to add to the mix.

Either way, it looks incredibly beautiful out there with the fall colors still on full display.

My mornings have been spent getting chores done as quickly as possible because I’m not a fan of being rained on. The ducks are loving it and so is half the pack. The ones who love to swim seem to enjoy the rain and the ones who don’t would rather spend rainy days inside with me, playing with their toys and bird watching.

Lola, Draco and Juno are now all three very much into the sport with me and often steal my best bird watching spot and block my view, which I don’t mind. It’s fun to watch them watch the birds.

On rainy days I don’t feel like going out to run the dogs around their exercise track, for obvious reasons, so I bring them in to run on the treadmill (which most of them absolutely LOVE to do).

I have to only bring one or two in at a time to take turns otherwise they fight over it.

Odie in particular likes to hog it so I have to set the timer on it which the others diligently watch so they know when it’s their turn.

I told the hubs we really need to get a couple more treadmills for rainy days! He is thinking about setting up a pony walker for them so I can just hook them up to it on days I don’t want to stand out in the rain, but I think that would just create a giant mud pit so I don’t know.

We’ve also thought about making one of those doggie hamster wheels but I don’t know if they’d use it and I don’t think I’d want them to without me supervising them just in case.

One of the mushers we follow, Dallas Seavey, has a refrigerated trailer he converted into a treadmill that is big enough to run his entire team on so he can train for the Iditarod during the summer and I think that’s brilliant!

That would be my choice if we could afford it. Maybe someday we’ll have one ourselves, if we hit the lottery that is. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rainy Day Fun

    1. It’s really great! It’s a bit of a challenge at first to get them to use but we found if one of us stands behind it with treats they are much more willing to get on that first time. After they get used to it and realize they can walk and run and go “hike!” they love it and will even bug us to let them on it lol.

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