By the Light of the Silvery Moon

The full moon last night looked incredible. It was the perfect spooky night sky to set the mood for our ever-growing Halloween ensemble here at the homestead.

Yesterday my three little ghosts arrived and they were as adorable as I’d hoped they’d be. You never know when you order things online how they’ll turn out, even despite good reviews. As we all know, reviews can be deceiving!

I decided to put them next to the cinquefoil covered in cobwebs to help light up the pathway to the door instead of over by the graveyard, where I’d intended to put them when I ordered them. That area needed something there to help disguise the spotlight that beams the flying ghosts onto the garage door and what better to hide that than more ghosts, right?


They really were exactly what I was expecting and look great all lit up with everything else.

My son got creative in the window above the garage – the one with the purple fire light – and made me a shrouded demon-faced ghoul lady ghost thingy to add to the mix.

He seems to be enjoying all this Halloween fun as much as I am and is really getting creative, which is great. I was so distracted by that moon that it took me a while to notice her but when I did, I have to admit, it scared me for a moment. 😆

That moon though!

Honestly, too bad last night wasn’t Halloween because that sky was just too perfect for it…

3 thoughts on “By the Light of the Silvery Moon

  1. Debby

    Best Halloween decoration was that moon! Isn’t that the way it always is – the moon will probably not show up quite like that on Halloween night. Kids love Halloween. Mine used to and we would go all out to decorate. Now, I don’t do any decorating other than a carved pumpkin, a scarecrow or two.

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