Patience, My Little Friends

We go through a lot of feed here between all the pups, poultry and wild birds we’re feeding each day but it’s worth every penny. We get a lot back in return for our investment!

My resident house sparrows were quite unhappy this morning and let me know, quite loudly, that I didn’t refill their feeder like I was supposed to.

Much like the huskies, they insist that the food always be available even if they aren’t hungry at the moment. 😄

It’s rare that we run out, because I’m usually pretty good about keeping ahead of that, but today we’re completely out of wild bird seed so they’ll just have to settle for the last of the sunflower seeds that are left on the dead heads in the garden next to the chicken coop.

I did leave a trail of chicken feed for them on my way back from feeding everyone and collecting eggs this morning, which they quickly gobbled up.

The chickens don’t mind sharing, they are used to it by now. Plus, they were busy chasing worms since it rained a bit over night and their pasture was wet.

I thought about raising meal worms for them but I’m not sure if I’m up to adding more work and more living things to have to worry about at this point.

Speaking of living things, the maple tree out front is just stunning this year as it changes colors.

It was just a twig when we moved in and gets more beautiful every year. Our whole property just keeps getting better each year, really, as we add more things and get rid of what doesn’t work for us.

There are so many things we still want to do and, like the birds, I get really impatient waiting for these things to happen, so I need to work on that about myself.

Life takes time and patience takes effort.

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