The Last Days

Autumn is nearly over up in the Tetons, even though the calendar says otherwise. Long before the official first day of winter comes, the mountains and valleys will be covered in snow. We are in the last days of the changing fall colors here and it’s a spectacular sight to behold.

For many of us it means that it won’t be long before we’re pulling out the skis and snowmobiles or, in our case, the dog sled, for months of fun in the winter wonderland to come.

For others it means hunkering down until spring, which is a loooong ways away. We know a lot of people who live here and absolutely hate the snow and the long winters. I often wonder why they stay, but then I remember what it’s like during spring, summer and fall and I get it.

I really do.

There’s really nowhere like it on earth.

Next month the hubs and I celebrate our 31st anniversary and we plan to take a few days to celebrate so we’re trying to decide where to go to do that. We may drive over to the Lake Shore Lodge in McCall or the other direction to rent a cabin in Star Valley or we may go down to Salt Lake and stay at one of the historic bed and breakfasts there that I’ve been eyeing.

With everything going on in the world we’re definitely not going far so it’s a good thing it’s not far to get to somewhere worth going! πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “The Last Days

      1. So true!! When we were there, my husband decided that he wanted to take a close up picture of the buffalo. As he got closer to them and further from our car, I got in the driver’s seat. He got back to the car safely and a short distance up we saw a sign that said don’t approach the animals. Of course I took a picture of that!! Lol! The pictures of the buffalo are simply beautiful. I’m still amazed that he got so close to the herd and they were okay with it. πŸ™‚

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