Moving Right Along…

The snow arrived with a bang and signaled that it is truly time to shift our thoughts to other things besides gardening. Like decorating for Halloween!

I’m glad I didn’t put too much stuff out there yet, although what is there looked kind of comical covered in snow.

But it didn’t last and has mostly melted away already, which is both sad and a bit of a relief. We still aren’t quite ready for that much snow, especially before trick-or-treaters head out.

Nothing ruins the fun of Halloween more than cold feet and frozen noses.

The little house sparrows seemed a bit annoyed at having cold feet and frozen beaks themselves. They were more annoyed that their feeder was practically an igloo.

They mostly disappeared but were back in the viburnum this morning though, happily chirping at the fact that the snow had melted and their feeder was fully accessible again.

Of course the pups were probably disappointed to watch the snow melt as I’m sure they were hoping for something like this for the weekend…

There will be plenty of that soon! 🙂

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