Oh, Hello Snow!

We were visited by the snow fairy last night who left a good six to eight inches of the white stuff for us, much to mine and the pup’s delight.

I think they sensed it was coming because the whole pack was fired up all day yesterday like kids on Christmas eve. 😆

We let them all sleep in last night, not something we normally do, but we wanted the snow to be a surprise for them.

As soon as I opened the back door, they took off like a shot and the fun began!

They did zoomies around the pens…

And tried to talk me into joining in….

And tasted the snow…

But mostly they tackled and played with Coco, who is like a favorite uncle to all the younger pups…

He’s the old man in the pack and spends most of his time curled up at my feet, napping and watching tv (like old men do). Once in awhile, like the first day of snow, he will find his inner child and it’s so fun to watch him.

He absolutely wore himself out running and playing and digging new holes this morning.

To be honest, he wore me out just watching him! Luckily the snow is supposed to melt by afternoon so I’m not too worried about shoveling or plowing. There will be plenty of that this winter, I am sure.

This was almost certainly just a preview of what’s to come…

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