Shine On, Tetons

Don’t believe there’s a light

that’s brighter

than the one that shines

from you.

Dave Matthews

We are so blessed to live at the foothills of these magnificent mountains. When we first moved here, we could see the tippy tops of the Tetons from our upstairs bay window. Since then, the neighbor’s trees have grown tall enough to block our view, but that’s okay, we know they’re there and we are just a short drive from seeing them again.

We spend as much time as possible up in the Tetons but since we can’t always go (I wish!), luckily there are live webcams set up all over that I love to check in on, especially for the sunrises and sunsets. It’s the next best thing to being there to witness them in person.

You can see them yourself here.

Here are a few screenshots from just after sunrise this morning from near Alpine, Wyoming and Jackson, Wyoming.

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!

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