Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine a world where candlesticks and oil lamps warmly lit up the town once the last rays of the evening sun went down?

Or being the lamp lighter or the candle maker able to turn the darkness into light (for all the sinners and saints alike)?

Can you imagine being the milk maid who dressed each cold, winter’s day by the soft glow the remains of her candle gave?

Or the railway man who relied upon the lantern he held oh-so-tightly in his hand?

Can you imagine being the sailor whose fate laid somewhere inbetween the flickering lighthouse flames that separated the land from sea?

Or being the flame itself, bringing light to every man, woman and child upon this earthly realm?

Can you imagine?

3 thoughts on “Can You Imagine?

  1. I can’t imagine it myself but I do remember my grandparents had no electricity in the remote countryside in which they lived when I was a young girl and they used oil lamps. I think electricity came when I was about 6 or so but my grandmother never trusted it as she was sure it leaded into the rooms! I am also old enough to remember the ‘lamplighter’ going around town at night and lighting the gas-lamps. I’m beginning to think maybe I had a deprived childhood!

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