I Love Random Strangers

That title sounds a bit salacious, but it’s not what you think. Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken have random strangers in them.

These are other humans who just happened to be within frame as I’m snapping away, like this lady walking her dog in downtown Jackson, Wyoming…

…or some that I purposefully photographed from a distance because they are doing something specific, like fishing.

I LOVE photographing our local fishermen (don’t worry, the hubs knows and approves).

Sometimes, the people themselves aren’t in frame, but the evidence they were there becomes the main focus. Like when I was hiking a couple summers ago near our campsite up by Alpine, Wyoming and found these cool painted rocks with uplifting sayings on them.

Like I said, I love random strangers. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Love Random Strangers

  1. Love your header image, that’s so evocative. I find it difficult to take picture with people in them as there are so many rules against it in some countries. In France, for instance, you should get a release signed immediately, as you can be sued for taking pictures if you consequently use them for public viewing (and that means blogging as well). One or two other countries have equally drastic laws but I’m aware of France because I go there a lot and have to be soooo careful!


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