Fall, Finally

It’s finally starting to look like autumn here at our place!

I don’t know why it takes longer for our trees and shrubs to start changing color compared to every where else, maybe we live in some sort of weird two week time warp, but today is the first day I sat out on the front steps and said to myself that fall has really arrived at our little homestead.

The maple is just beginning to turn yellow and the viburnum bush looks spectacular.

That purple daisy hasn’t gotten the memo quite yet, but it looks beautiful against the orange pumpkins.

I’m so glad we planted so many sunflowers because the wild birds are having quite a feast on all those seed heads.

They come in and out all day and if I’m patient, and quiet, and sneaky, they let me get close enough to watch them and snap a picture or two.

Or, I can just sit up in the dining room window with my zoom lens, although the neighbors might see me up there and think I’m some sort of Nosy Nellie or, worse, a Peeping Tom! 😄

The backyard birds are everywhere I turn, darting in and out of the poultry pens, flitting around the sunflowers, taking turns gobbling up the last of the bugs on the pea plants (which are finally dying off completely).

I love that so many of them stay and spend the winter with me. I can’t wait to watch them do their thing against the backdrop of the snow again…

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