Getting in the Spirit

I absolutely love Halloween, maybe even more than Christmas, which means I am itching to get all my Halloween decorations out and put them up!

I did pull out a few things and ordered a few more, some of which arrived today, like this wired ribbon that I used to dress up my door wreath:

I got a bit carried away with the fancy bow making and made a few more to stick here and there and everywhere:

My son bought me this animated raven in a cage and he’ll hang outside by the front door from my “GO AWAY” porch sign.

Which is right above my heavy, ceramic jack-o-lantern the hubs bought me last year.

This year we’re going all out, we decided, so I ordered colored bulbs for the porch lights, a fog machine for the front pond, a lot of spider webbing, a giant spider and stuff to make a little cemetery out in the grass.

I have a few pumpkins I’m thinking of painting black that I saved from our pumpkin crop. Next year I will grow my own black pumpkins but until then, a can of spray paint should work.

We have a dead birch tree with white bark we’ll use and I ordered some black ravens to glue to it and some lights to string on the tree which we’ll somehow stake up so it’s overlooking the grave stones.

That will have to wait, though. I’m hesitant to put too much of my outdoor stuff up too soon because I just know as soon as I do, the hurricane-force winds and rain will arrive and wreck it all (or send it sailing off into the neighbor’s yard). So most of it will go out a few days before the trick-or-treaters show up, just to insure they last through the holiday.


The hubs is being very tolerant of my sudden urge to go all out for decorating this year. When the kids were growing up we did quite a bit, but I have a lot more discretionary spending now that I can put into my holiday stuff, so why not?

Home Depot was selling this amazing haunted hearse with a skeleton horse but they are out of stock this year (dang it) so I’m trying to talk the hubs into buying me a real stage coach we can use instead. Like this one:

I don’t think he’s willing to invest that much into my Halloween obsession, though… πŸ˜„

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