I Am Not Ready For This!

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes this morning when I saw that they are predicting snow here next week.



I felt a pang of excitement there for a brief moment and felt the exhiliration of bouncing along the mountain roads, tucked (somewhat) safely in the sled, all bundled up against the icy cold air, surrounded by a winter wonderland.



Then I told the hubs and he reminded me that 1) they can’t accurately predict that far out so take it with a grain of salt and 2) even if it does snow it won’t stick, not this early in the year.

So I expect if it does snow, it will be a dusting overnight, just enough to get me and the huskies all excited and then it will melt, leaving them confused (and me amused). It might even last a couple days, long enough for them to start growing their thick winter coats back and then BOOM! They’ll start blowing them again everywhere when the weather warms back up. 😄

Honestly though, we’re not quite ready for snow fall. Not yet. We still have a bit of work to do out in the gardens and yard and poultry pens and dog kennels and puppy play yards before we’re ready for snow.

We have to put the plow on the buggy.

We have to move the camper back around to its winter spot in the back.

We have to put fresh straw in the barrels and inside kennels.

We have to hook the warming lights up in the coop.

We have to drain the little pond out front.

We have to dig out all our winter gear and make sure it still fits and…

Oh my goodness! I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet!

So I’m definitely not ready for snow.

Not yet.

Are you ready for snow where you are?

6 thoughts on “I Am Not Ready For This!

    1. We used to dread the snow before we got the dogs. It is the only thing that makes us enjoy going out there in it lol.

      Where we live it’s just below the “real snow” line. We do get quite a bit here, 40 inches or so a year, but up where we prefer to run the dogs just up the road a bit, it’s over 100 inches a year! Can you imagine?

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  1. Katherine

    Here in Eastern Virginia I just long to see real snow. We got an icy crunchy mess last year, but right now it’s still in the low 80s some days for the high. I’d be happy with sweater weather.
    I feel a bit jealous at first but having lived in the mountains I do understand the preparations that must go into real snow.

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