Holding Strong

After several nights of temperatures that have dipped either below or close to freezing, I’m shocked to see so many things still hanging in out there!

Especially the asparagus. I had no idea they are so cold hardy.

And some of the peas are still producing! Mostly the ones closest to the corn stalks I wired up for decoration so they must be giving them just enough warmth to keep them going.

The pumpkins are definitely done, but we are still pulling some of the ones that didn’t fully ripen out of the shriveled up vines to share with the critters.

They’re definitely helping me make friends with Friendly Fred and co.

There are still quite a few wildflowers left blooming…

The poppies and coneflowers are still going strong, as are some of the yellow, purple and pink daisies.

The day lilies are all gone now and all the flowers on the north side of the house have completely died too now, but that’s because it’s colder over there and because they were up in a raised bed for the most part.

They were pretty while they lasted, though.

Next year I think I’ll try planting something showier in there.

Overall, my flower goal for the coming years is to add as many perennial things I can find that bloom super early (like some of the things on this list here) to even more flowers that will bloom all summer long and super late in the season, just to make the most out of my zone’s short window of blooming activity.

And to make my life a bit easier.

And prettier. 🙂

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