From Farm to Fork

We cooked up a little bit of the duck, quail and pheasant we just butchered for dinner tonight so we could do a side-by-side taste comparison and needless to say, they were all deeeelicious!!

We used the exact same spices and sauteed them all the same to make it fair and so that the flavor of each meat really shone through, along with the texture, of course. Each one is slightly different in both taste and texture but all are equally tasty. The hubs couldn’t really pick a favorite but I prefer the pheasant (but only slightly).

They are all so good and it’s incredibly satisfying watching our hard work pay off this way!

Someday we’re hoping to get to where we don’t use anything store bought, or as little as possible, and little by little we’re getting there. I’ve been switching over to doing most of my shopping at local suppliers (some even deliver to my door!) and plan to expand that even more as we move forward to a more sustainable lifestyle.

With all the craziness in the world and talk of supply chain disruptions, it’s nice to know we’re okay and can feed ourselves for the foreseeable future if we had to, just using things we’ve put away already or that we can butcher and eat fresh.

Hunting season is also here and that means the hubs will be heading up to try and get us a nice deer to put in the freezer soon. We used to bow hunt together, back before I got too sick to go, so I’ll have to stay behind and wait anxiously for his return.

I’ll also have to make room in the freezer because it’s filling up fast! We might need a bigger one at the rate we’re going here… 😄

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