Thanks, Squirrel!

We finally picked the apples from our apple tree a minute ago, or what was left of them. What should have been at least a dozen (the tree is still young) whittled down to just FIVE apples by the time they were ready to pick.


I think the squirrel across the street was stealing apples over the summer but I never did catch him doing it. Not that I could have done much more than scold him anyway….

So we have five apples. Hrmph.

They are nice, though.

I’m rolling out pie crust for a homemade pumpkin pie this afternoon already so I *could* make two crusts and just make a small apple pie but I’m thinking I’ll use the apples for apple turnovers or apple cinnamon pancakes this weekend instead.

Who wants a small apple pie, anyway?

We are (supposed to be) on a diet and certainly don’t need two pies between the two of us today anyway. So I guess the squirrel did us a favor! πŸ˜…

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