Saturday, January 29th, 2022

I’ve marked this day on the calendar for a couple of reasons. It’s the day that they will be running the first stage of the Pedigree Stage Stop dog sled race in Teton County (woohoo!).

It’s also the day that, if my calculations are correct, we will have a litter of adorable husky puppies available for adoption (double woohoo!).

Our breeding pair has been busy all weekend making babies and if all goes well, their pups will turn 9 weeks old the same weekend the Stage Stop runs, which couldn’t be more perfect!

We are not new to breeding, but it’s always exciting, nonetheless. They should be born around Thanksgiving, so that will make our holiday season all the more joyous.

We have a spare bedroom we use for whelping and then move them to an outside pen we have set up specifically for the littles and their mom so they can learn to be indoor/outdoor pups. Huskies really do better having both indoor and outdoor spaces, so we like to start them as soon as they are weaning.

They learn how to maneuver a doggy door…

And get to hang with the rest of the pack from a safe distance…

Needless to say, they are so much fun. We haven’t had babies for a couple of years now, so we’re pretty excited.

Over the years we’ve had a few litters, most of them we’ve rehomed but we’ve also kept one or two (or six if we’re counting lol) for our own pack…

In fact, they make up half of our sled dog team (the other half are rescues) and we love them so much!

Our huskies are our whole world, as you probably know if you’ve been reading this blog for long. We really love the breed and we love helping other families experience the joy that comes with owning a husky.

Gosh, I could fill pages with pictures of all our babies, but I’ll spare you (for now…). I’m sure in about 9 weeks that will change! 🙂

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