Out & About: Eagle’s Landing

We had to go into town today to get Gunther’s tire fixed (because someone ran over a screw and it couldn’t have been me because I can’t drive!).

While we were there, we drove over to what we fondly call the Armageddon supply store to pick up some bulk spices and swung over by the eagle fountain so I could snap a few pictures of it.

And some of Gunther, since he’s so photogenic.

To be honest, I prefer the eagle fountain during winter when it’s all iced up, but it’s still pretty all year long. It’s the buildings nearby that always catch my eye, though, especially this time of year.

I absolutely LOVE the architecture and all the water features.

The fall colors are gorgeous right now, and I kept finding things that caught my eye everywhere we turned.

You probably can’t see them well, but crossing the bridge at this moment was a group of people dressed up in fancy red Hispanic garb, perhaps for a wedding, I’m not sure. If you look closely you can see the woman in her big, red dress off to the right.

They were the only other people nearby and they were gorgeous. I wanted so badly to get close ups but I didn’t want to seem weird. πŸ˜…

Now that Gunther has new shoes, maybe we will drive up to Alpine tomorrow to catch the fall colors, unless the hubs finds work that HAS to be done here. He’s good at doing that on his days off but I try to convince him he deserves a break now and then.

Usually it’s not too hard to talk him into a windy, mountain drive in the car and with fall here now, our days of driving Gunther are numbered since he’s a garage baby in the winter.

I need to remember to tell him that part. 😏

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