A Mother’s Guilt

No one warns you when you become a mother that you will feel inordinate amounts of guilt. Guilty for what you don’t do. Guilty for what you do do. Guilty for what you can’t do.

Guilty for pretty much everything!

Being a mother basically insures you will end up a neurotic mess, but it’s so worth it when they grow up, get their own lives and don’t turn out to be homeless illiterates like you dreaded they would.


You would think the mom guilt would go away once they are gone but nope! It’s now become embedded in your psyche and you just transfer the guilt into other aspects of your life.

Especially if you trade human kids out for furry ones, like we did. Man, do they know how to pile on the mom guilt!

Like when you don’t want them coming in all dirty and mucking up the place…

Or when the bowls are empty and you aren’t getting up fast enough to refill them…

It really kicked into high gear after we put up gates to block them from going in the kitchen or down the stairs or in my craft room.

Oh my word, the guilt!

It’s like they take it personally that I need to be able to go in and out of the front door without worrying that they will run out and run off (as huskies are known to do!) or that I want certain areas of my house to be fur free.

Lucky for me I raised three human kids already so my guilt button is much harder to push these days. 😆

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