Going Dark

I went outside last night just after sunset, hoping to catch a final good view of the harvest moon which is in its third day (or night rather) but it was cloudy enough that not even a hint of moonshine was to be seen.


Oh well, at least I got it the first night and it was spectacular. I really liked the photos of when it was just about to emerge from the clouds over the neighbor’s houses.

It was so nice out there last night, in the cool, quiet dark. I didn’t want to go back in so I walked around the yard a bit and played with the camera.

I took a few night photos of what’s left of my morning glories opening up under the light of the solar bulb at the top of the girl frame post. It’s funny how they will open at random times, even though they are called “morning” glories.

I took some photos of the cute little firefly kids….

I went back inside and turned off all the lights and waited near the little fireplace with the blinds open but the moon never showed itself.

I definitely need to learn how to work the various settings on my Canon instead of using the auto setting because if I knew what I was doing, I think my night time photos would come out much clearer.

So there’s something to keep me busy during the cold, dark days and nights ahead. 🙂

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