A Few Things Left

Even though it’s fall and most of the flowers have died off and the bulk of our garden has been harvested, there are still a few things left here and there, like the peas which don’t seem to want to stop giving and giving…

The sunflowers have mostly all died now, and the heads I cut and hung to dry a couple weeks ago are ready to be de-seeded (is that the word for it?). I’m going to have so many giant sunflower seeds I may have to rethink how many I need.

Maybe I’ll line the entire acre with them next year just for fun?

Or perhaps I’ll put them in cute little packs and sell the extras on my cart next year along with things like eggs, homemade soap and black and white pumpkins.

Speaking of my cart, I still haven’t been able to paint it. It’s a bit more complicated than I expected and I’ll need some help, so that will have to wait until the hubby puts it on his list of things to do which may be next spring now.

We’ll see.

I will probably definitely be able to offer some of the fast growing willow trees and maybe some day lilies and Shasta daisies since they did so well this year, too.

The purple and pink ones out in front are still going strong, and look beautiful!

I’m going to do my best to come up with as many things as possible to put on my market cart and will hopefully have it all painted and ready to sell from as soon as the weather allows next year. We have a school and a church nearby so I may just put a sign up at the end of the street pointing potential customers my direction and spend a few hours a day sitting out under the shade tree selling stuff.

If it gets too hot for me I can always put up a self-service set up and a wireless camera and sit inside to keep an eye on things.

We’ll see… 🙂

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