Autumn Views from Teton Valley

I checked the local webcams this morning and there is snow accumulating on the Tetons! It won’t be long before it sends the elk down to their winter feeding grounds in Jackson and the grizzly bears into hibernation.

The fall colors are really starting to show themselves, and it’s so beautiful out there right now! I grabbed a few shots while I was scrolling to share my “backyard” views.

These are from around sunrise this morning:

I’m trying to talk the hubby into driving over to Alpine, Wyoming so we can get some of our own pictures of the autumn beauty this weekend but he thinks he has a lot of work to do around here.

Pfft, I say.

There is ALWAYS work to do around here. I’m sure some of it can wait. Fall certainly isn’t going to last long and I don’t want to miss getting some shots of the water before it freezes over for the winter. It’s just so pretty up there.

It’s days like this when I wish I could drive myself but that’s not going to happen anytime soon since my face swelled up like a balloon and I nearly fainted yesterday out of the blue again. 😥

When I called my doctor his first question was “DID YOU EPIPEN?!” and I told him no, I took Benadryl and it calmed down.

Sometimes I swear he wants me to jab myself with that stupid thing, but I’m too stubborn and, if I’m being honest, cheap. Those things cost a fortune, even with insurance! Not to mention you are supposed to go to the ER after you use them and who has the money for that? Plus, we are supposedly overrun here in Idaho with COVID patients (or people reacting to the vaccine according to a couple people I know whose family members ended up hospitalized AFTER the jab – ahem).

So as long as the Benadryl works, which it does, I will stick with using it when I’m having a mast attack and keep the Epipens safely on the mantle just in case. And keep me as far away from the hospital as possible!

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