Out & About near Jackson, Wyoming

We took a short trip up to Moran, Wyoming and back today, hoping to see the bull elk since it’s their mating season. Now is the time to get the best pictures of both them and the changing fall colors which have just started up in the higher elevations.

We didn’t see any elk but we did get some great photos of the scenery along the way.

We also saw the town of Jackson getting ready to welcome home the body of Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum who was killed in Afghanistan.

The flags are all at half mast and there were a lot of veteran bikers and police preparing to escort his body from the airport as we drove through town.

So that ended our trip on a somber note. RIP Rylee. You deserved better. 😥

We plan to go back up again soon to see if we can see some elk and hopefully some grizzly bears who are out gorging themselves in preparation for hibernation.

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