As bloggers we often inspire each other and this week my inspiration came from a comment left by a fellow aspiring homesteader, RootingforSunshine.

We were chatting back and forth on my post, It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Fall Now and she mentioned how she’d like to grow white pumpkins which set the hamster wheel in my brain in motion. I immediately googled them and decided I definitely want to grow some next year, too, both for myself and maybe to sell a few.

They are just so pretty and would be great for fall decorating. You can cook with them, too.

Then I saw these gorgeous black ones, and immediately wanted them, too!

They remind me of those all black Ayam Cemani chickens (except their insides are as black as their outsides).

Unlike the white pumpkins, which are white inside and out, these are orange on the inside, and can also be used for cooking, but they would be JUST SO gorgeous for decorating and carving.

I think they’d sell really well, too, either at the farmer’s markets or a roadside stand, which would help us offset our cost of homesteading. I ordered 50 seeds of both types to put away until next spring. So now I’m pretty excited at the thought of growing black and white pumpkins and I owe it all to my fellow homesteady blogger.

To be honest, I kinda want some of those all black chickens now, too! 😆

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